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1. It’s 9th of October. Cold, rain and sun alternate. After few days, I’ve checked feeders. Of 13 beehives – 4 were empty, 5 – half empty, 4 – quarter empty. It is really hard to determine bee’s reaction. They are all inside the beehive. Nevertheless, I do believe that ApisPlus™ works and bees will benefit from it. I am very interested in natural treatment and I am against all chemicals.
2. I am born optimist and I trust scientists. I try to run my apiary in a way consistent with rules of nature. Chemicals kill everything and varroosis is getting immune to it. We, beekeepers are in need of your inventions. ApisPlus™ is a proof for that.Jan Kiliński, Poland
1. It was very hard to notice any changes in bees’ behavior, because it is cold and it’s raining and bees are inside beehives. I’ve noticed that in 2 beehives syrup disappeared, and in remaining 5 beehives lots of syrup was gone.
2. Finally we have our own medicine for bees. I’m interested in this product because its good properties confirm your previous detailed research and analysis.Robert Witosz, Poland
1. Bees very actively collecting syrup from the feeders. Bees were very calm. Participants of my lecture for beginning beekeepers were very surprised that bees have not shown any aggression towards them. Also bees were not interested in participants during numerous works with beehives at the end of autumn.
2. At the moment I evaluate positively bees’ interest in the product. Full evaluation is possible to be made in spring. Participants of my lecture were also interested in using ApisPlus™.Kaja Novotný, Czech Republic
1. After feeding, bees were remarkably calm. All autumn treatments can be done without any protection clothes – gloves, hats etc.
2. Bees very willingly collected syrup with ApisPlus™. Last month was too short period of time to evaluate and make a proper analysis. Full effects can be discovered in early spring and in April.Marek Konarski, Poland
1. High activity.
2. Good. Useful and easy in application.Arkadiusz Dudek, Poland
1. Bee colonies, which were sprayed with ApisPlus™ threw off more varroosis on the bottom of beehive.
2. I am fully opened for any natural products that increase behavior of bees. Effects of ApisPlus™ were very positive. I am interested in using this product in next season.Monika Kowalewska, Poland
1. After application I didn’t notice any excessive aggression in three cases. They were a lot calmer during pulling out, feeding and preparing beehive for winter.
2. A solid evaluation of this product can be made during spring beehive control.Kazimierz Szamotulski, Poland
1. Bees’s behavior was normal (just like bees react to syrup application) during caring out treatment – spraying with ApisPlus™. Couple minutes after I closed beehive, an occurrence appeared – sprayed bee colonies started to behave as if they were preparing to swarm (intense movement). After that occurrence, I think bees from sprayed colonies were flying more often.
2. In my opinion ApisPlus™ is a fully natural product and does not have any negative effects on bee colonies. Number of bees in sprayed colonies seemed to increase – by visual inspection.Lucjan Przydembski, Poland
1. Increase of activity. More guards made. More intense beehive cleaning. More malice.
2. It’s too soon to evaluate, but from bees’ reaction observation I can tell they behave differently. More energy and more willingness to guard and clean.Włodzimierz Spychalski, Poland
1. Calmer bees.
2. After application – varroosis mites are falling on the bottom of the beehive. HINT: put a paper with oil on the bottom so the varroa will stick to it. Pouring works better. Feeding not so much.Edmund Kowalski, Poland
1.Too short time period to notice any changes.
2. I hope it will be effective.Paweł Przyborski, Poland
1. I have applied the product in accordance with the manual. 20 bee colonies were sprayed with ApisPlus™. Those colonies showed increased vitality and energy. In sprayed colonies, bees were more active, friskier, i.e. during the observation of my bees, I had an impression that we have a high rapeseed nectar inflow! That’s how intensive bees’ flights were. The difference between sprayed and unsprayed bee colonies was huge. Moreover, wingless bees have disappeared in 1 beehive!
2. I have sprayed bees only once. In the next season, I intend to spray my bee colonies every 21 days – to have a continuity of observation. At least in part of my apiary I observed varroosis mites falling down on the bottom of the beehives. I have noticed a difference in general strength of bee colony and bees’ behavior after spraying. It was amazing that in sprayed beehives there were a lot of bees and they were so busy as if it was a high nectar inflow season. In beehives that were not sprayed with ApisPlus™, I didn’t notice that kind of vitality. Inside those beehives it was autumn, and inside ApisPlus™ beehives it was spring . I evaluate positively this product and I’m interested in further treatment.Matteo Antonacci, Italy
It’s hard to say anything after one application.Ivan Kasparov, Ukraine
1. I have observed following behaviours:
– intense dynamics of breeding
– increased vitality
– less dead bees
2. I evaluate very positively ApisPlusMilena Gajda, Poland
1. Due to high external air temperature bees were active in general, so it is hard to estimate whether after ApisPlus™ application any changes appeared in bees’ behavior.
2. Evaluation is impossible at this moment because a week after ApisPlus™ usage, there was a sudden temperature reduction and bees gathered inside their beehives. Wider evaluation can be made after overwintering.Anton Freese, Germany
1. Bees were collecting nectar from Phacelia tanacetifolia and showed high activity.
2. Positive because bees became more active as if they have got a reason to live. A lots of bees were on those Phacelias.Edyta Buczek, Poland
1. I noticed more bees.
2. I give ApisPlus™ a strong B+.Waldemar Braciak, Poland
1. I think that the product was applied too late and because of that, making any evaluation in such short period of time is difficult. Despite that, I have noticed more willingness to hygiene – bees in really fast pace were cleaning dead bee broods and started to rebuilt casting wax sheets in frames.
2. Bees willingly collected syrup with the product. I think that other forms of applications will be trouble-free. Effects of ApisPlus™ will be more noticeable after a longer period of time.Ignacy Kacper Mogilski, Poland
1. After pouring ApisPlus™ to the feeder – bees were getting out of the beehive on its walls and entering it again to start working. Single bees started to communicate between themselves. Before application they were moving like drugged.
2. The product unifies bee colony, increases vitality. I think, I used it a little bit to late but I am really curious how it will affect overwintering and I would like to apply it in spring through the whole season. That’s when I will have a full evaluation of its effects.Josef Maškov, Slovakia
1. After ApisPlus™ application I noticed more mobility of bees. Bees cleaned themselves more.
2. Product was used in late autumn, so it’s hard to say anything about its effects. Bees were busier, and that’s why they cleaned themselves.Draga Lachmirowicz, Czech Republic
1. Because of low temperature I did not make any observations.
2. On October 13th, 5 days after ApisPlus™ application I have checked bottom board. Approx. 40 varrosis mites appeared on each board of each beehive.Johnathan Pourkazemi, France
1. Issue of inefficiency of honey production concerned only bee colonies taken out to honeydew, which ended too early.
2. When it comes to nosemosis – ApisPlus™ should be evaluated positively. I lost 2 bee colonies but few of remaining colonies, with symptoms of unhealthy smell and low population regain vigor. For complete evaluation, I need at least evaluation of overwintering after last dose.Piotr Zawadowicz, Poland
1. More active. They get out of beehive early in the morning and come back late in the evening. They gain luster.
2. I evaluate ApisPlus™ positively. Noticeable higher mobility of bees.Agnieszka Stasiak, Poland
1. Couple of days after ApisPlus™ application, a wild building has been noticed in 1/3 of bee colonies. The bees acted as if it was spring and as if sudden nectar inflow appeared.
2. Product was used between 3rd and 4th Apivarol dose. As bottom boards were cleaned after Apivarol usage, there were no parasites on boards before ApisPlus™ application. 2 days after application of product I observed a similar, as after using Apivarol, amount of varoossis mites on the bottom boards. If it isn’t a coincidence, product caused self-cleaning of bees.Krzysztof Mirosław Nowak, Poland
1. I observed stimulation of self-cleaning and more bee broods, as well as varroosis mites loss.
2. I evaluate the product for A+Mirko Lovrijenać, Croatia
1. A slight stimulation in the first half of September occurred. More bee broods appeared. Within a week varroa mite fell on the bottom of the beehive.
2. ApisPlus™ stimulated bee colony’s liveliness, it caused selfcleaning and made bee colony to start a more intense process of laying eggs despite late summer. As for overwintering, in my opinion, application of ApisPlus™ should already start in August in order to acheive high strength of the colony before winter.Ryan Moore, Wales
1. Within 3 hours after spraying ApisPlus™, there were as many bees as it was possible at the entrance (aprox. 300) and they were rubbing each other.
2. I evaluate ApisPlus™ positively but I think that full evaluation can be done in next season after using ApisPlus™ since the begining of spring. Marco Francesco Massei, Italy
1. High hygienic activity.
2. Initially satisfactorily, but I will make in-depth evaluation after using it in 2017 in different ways of application.Eugeniusz Kulesza, Poland
1. Bees protected their beehive more efficiently. Maybe a little bit more of maliciousness. In one of the colonies I’ve noticed beehive cleaning and dead bee brood removal process.
2. Despite short period of time, my opinion is positive. Bees indicate more energy and liveliness comparing to bee colonies which were not sprayed with the product.Joanna Czaplińska, Poland
1. A syrup was given in the evening. After a short period of time – a slight stimulation occurred.
2. I evaluate the product in plus because effects within 2 days after application could be seen. I noticed on bottom boards aprox. 30 varossis mites. It is a product fully safe for bees and beekeepers.Pavel Pražák, Czech Republic
1. Bees stamina has significantly improved. Queen bees started to lay more eggs.
2. Positively. More information will be send after a longer period of application.Agnieszka Pośpiecha, Poland
1. Within the week, bees were more active and generation of bee, that appeared in August was active. Bees were superb.
2. I evaluate ApisPlus™ positively.Zygmunt Kania, Poland

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